In the course of normal duties the security guard may be called upon to perform any number of duties, making the security guard job diverse and exciting. For those interested in going into the field of personal and corporate security, there is a wide array of duties and tasks that one may be called upon to perform.

Security Officer Duties

It is a myth that only ex-military or law enforcement personnel are hired as security officers. In fact, a majority of the security officers currently employed have had neither a background in the military nor experience on a police force. Security officer duties can cover anything from surveillance of monitors and various technologies to acting as liaisons with local law enforcement individuals and offices.

Often security guards alternate duties with other security officers. In shifts, guards are asked to man monitor stations where they provide surveillance of an area, whether this is in the local mall, a corporate business building, or a private facility. The guard is depended upon to spot and prevent problems before they arise, reporting suspicious behavior. Many times the security officer job description may include providing a presence in the area, acting as a physical deterrent to crime. Security personnel often man metal detectors in large office complexes and screen everything coming into and out of the buildings. In the event of an emergency, guards are expected to take control and direct patrons to the nearest exits.

Security Guard Job Description

In just about every walk of life one can find security personnel. Depending on the type of position a security officer is required to fill, certain requirements may be requested. The level of training often determines the position that the guard will hold. Given the fact that security guards do face the possibility of personal danger in their jobs, training is encouraged regardless of the sector in which they find themselves employed.

Typical shifts are eight hours, though some employers can vary from that norm. For example, security guards who work for casinos may work odd hour shifts and depending on the shift they are working may end up dealing with unruly customers. Security officer job duties require a person to be able to be mentally and emotionally disciplined. Most have a minimum age requirement of 18 or older.

In general, most employers will require that potential security guards at least have a high school education, or a GED. Additional requirements will vary from employer to employer, but as a general rule it is a safe assumption that they will prefer someone who has a security guard license from a course of study, either online or through a technology school. Firearms permits and licensing may also be required. And it goes without saying that drug use is not tolerated. A good rule of thumb is that as the risk of the job position increases, so must the training and the requirements.

Career Outlook for Security Officers

The job outlook for security guards is good making security guard jobs in high demand. According to the latest census bureau, security guard careers and those who are considering working as a security guard are in an upward trend. Most polls and experts agree that this is an increasing job field and one that will only see numbers and salaries grow in the future.