Bodyguard Job Description

Bodyguards work for people of high risk: political figures, celebrities, and the extremely wealthy. Since their job is to provide protection, the hours may be long and will usually consist of nights, weekends, and even holidays. In order to protect their charge, a bodyguard may carry weapons, though some do not. Weapons typical of a bodyguard are batons, pepper spray, Tasers, and handguns. The responsibilities of a bodyguard are varied. They do everything from planning travel routes to searching rooms, buildings, and cars. They also must perform a background check of people, including staff, that come into contact with the charge. A main responsibility for a bodyguard is escorting the charge though out their daily activities, which may have the bodyguard warding off tabloid reporters or photographers. Some bodyguards also act as drivers. These bodyguards must be trained to drive at high speeds and lose vehicles if they find they are being tailed. Being a bodyguard is an intense career that requires strategy and attention to detail.

Gaming Surveillance Officer Job Description

A gaming surveillance officer works at a casino. Their job is two-fold: they are to protect the company's interests and provide safety for patrons. Usually a gaming surveillance officer will work in a surveillance room where they use audio and video equipment to watch for irregular activities that may result in cheating or stealing. Sometimes, an officer might use a one-way mirror to spy on the casino floor. At times, the surveillance officer might have to walk to casino floor to get a closer look at things or assess the safety of the environment. They are in charge of security camera recordings, which may be used as evidence in court. An officer might also have to testify in court. If there is a breach in security, it may be the gaming surveillance officer's job to direct staff and patrons to the safest place in the establishment. Lastly, they must be sure that the establishment they are working for falls under the state guidelines, rules, and regulations for gaming.

Armored Car Guard Job Description

An armored car guard's job is to transport money and valuables from one place to another. It is a dangerous job and many wear bulletproof vests. They also may have firearms for protection. They bring moneybags, receipts, and change boxes to a cashiering department. Their responsibilities include recording the number of items received, the destination that the money and valuables are going to, the contents of packages, and delivery times.