While there currently are no set academic requirements for becoming a security guard, those attending security guard schools often boast many benefits. Most who have attained an associate's degree, or have at least taken the certification courses in a criminal justice program, enjoy a higher degree of pay, promotions, and employment with top security firms.

Most schools offer a set course of study that will include formal training in self defense, use of lawful force, and modern surveillance equipment. Basic courses which end in certification are only recommended for those who are already in a position to be hired, or for those who are becoming guards as a supplemental job to their primary occupation. Those wishing to make security work their main career should continue their education either online or via a technical or community college.

Selecting a Security School

There is a wide variety of schools available online and via technical or community colleges. Each offers something a little different. Online courses offer informational guidelines and courses. Interaction takes place between the student and the professor via online forums, message boards, and live chat sessions. Labs and hands-on training rarely occur in this situation.

Technical and community colleges offer classroom instruction, but the hours are not as flexible as the online courses. Hands on training and labs are offered. Instruction is done in the classroom with additional lab requirements. Those wishing to make security work a career choice would do well to consider these types of schools as they are able to offer a comprehensive course of study and do include direct instruction in the area of weapons use and hand-to-hand defense training.

Some of the qualities that a prospective student will want to look for in an institution, whether online or brick and mortar, is that the school covers everything that the applicant will need in order to pass the basic licensing test in their state. Next, the student will want to make certain, if security work is their choice of career, that the school can offer advanced training in this field. Is the advanced training the school is offering certified? Lastly, it is very important that the student ask questions about the school's coursework and classes. Some courses are advertised, but then are not offered. This type of institutional oversight, if occurring often enough, can set back the potential student's education by months, or years.

Security schools are worth their weight in gold. This is because security guards are more than armed men or women. They must have the capability to handle any dangerous, or potentially dangerous, situation as it arises and take appropriate action. This type of ability is not something that anyone is born with, but rather a skill set that must be learned. Putting in the time to determine the right school with the right courses, for the degree you are pursuing, is a search that will pay off in the long run.