Resumes of any kind can often be a daunting task if the potential employee has not had sufficient experience in compiling a formal security guard resume. Resumes have certain component parts that, regardless of the career, must be included and will be expected by the potential employer.

Security Guard Resume Components

Contact Information: At the top, should go contact information. For example:

John Doe

1234 Anywhere Lane

St. Louis, Mo. 32456

(904) 555-1234


Objectives/Goals: This section should be kept brief and to the point. What is it that you want FROM a job and what can you bring TO the job? The security guard sample resume component might look like this:

"I am an experienced and highly trained security guard, possessing licensing credentials in the state of Florida and Georgia. Currently, I am seeking to find a position that affords me the ability to use my knowledge of CCTVs, two-way mirrors, security systems, legal protocols, and expertise in crowd control to my fullest potential."

Experience: This component is often the most critical part of the security guard resume. This is where the potential employer will determine if previous work experience truly meets their current needs. It is generally a good idea to include the name of the company, the dates of employment, a short write up on the types of work done while there, and any outstanding accomplishments or statistics that were a direct result of something the applicant did. Include a name and phone number for references to be checked. Always assume that the references will be checked. Do not falsify any of this information. Sample security guard resumes can be found online, but do not be tempted to duplicate them word for word. Employers, who find falsified information on resumes, even after the guard is hired, will often see this as grounds for dismissal.

Education: Most employers will want to know what sort of formal training the potential employee has had. If the applicant has had classroom criminal justice courses, then the individual courses, as they pertain to the job, might be mentioned. Additionally, this is the section where any and all licenses, including the numbers, are listed. Firearms licenses, security guard licensing, and chauffeur’s license are usually included, as well as any first aid/CPR training. This is also the section of the security guard resume where the applicant states their U.S. citizenship, or ability to work in the U.S., as well as a declamation stating that the applicant is, and always has been, drug free.

High Tech Alternatives: In the highly competitive job market many job-seekers have gone the high technology route. Many have created simple websites with their resumes posted, as well as pictures of the applicant in action on the job. This may be an alternative way to go if the applicant is attempting to secure a position within a company that has a reputation for paying on the top end of the pay scale for security personnel. Many free and low cost programs are available on the Internet for those looking to put up a temporary website. Still others are using the power of social media networking to find and secure interviews with companies. A quick search on Facebook or Twitter will locate most company's social pages. It is a simple matter from there to establish a dialogue with people within the company.

Doing business as usual has changed over the last decade to include expanded views of potential employees. Despite the advances in technology, however, employers still want to know, and need to know, crucial basic information about the employees they are considering for employment. Creating a dynamic security guard resume that sets the applicant apart from the rest is a goal worth investing time into, and one that can pay high dividends in return.