When considering careers and job opportunities, many who are considering working in the security field wonder about the types of security guard classes that they will be required to take. The prospective student, depending on the type of security job desired, will be required to take a number of classes, which can range in length from one week to several years worth of training.

Basic Security Classes

Those who are pursuing a security guard job as a second or supplemental job would be best suited toward taking the basic classes that are required for licensing. This course of training, and the classes required, cover topics that instruct the student in such areas as crowd control, dealing with unhappy individuals, basic technology, detection, and basic surveillance. Sometimes, depending on the school that one attends, a first aid and CPR course are included, as well as basic self-defense classes. These classes cover the basic requirements for those who will be working as unarmed security.

Advanced Security Classes and Training

These security classes generally cover the training that would be required for those guards whose aim it is to seek employment where they would be required to offer armed protection to their clients. In addition to the above classes, the student would be required to take classes in firearms and firearm safety, law enforcement procedures, First Responder training, emergency protocols, and weapons of mass destruction courses. These types of classes, depending on the school attended, can last a few months, or as many as a few years. On average, students who are seeking this advanced training also take courses in the criminal justice field. The average time to complete these classes is six months to a year.

Security Class Instructors

Often, instructors are retired personnel from the security industry. They have had extensive hands-on experience in the field and can not only offer lessons from the text, but offer real advice and knowledge. Most of the very successful schools also encourage their instructors to have additional training beyond their experience in the field, ensuring that the students receive quality instruction as well as anecdotal advice.

Cost of Security Guard Classes

In general, becoming a security guard is one of the most cost effective career paths. The basic classes run, on average, under a hundred dollars and last for a week to three weeks. Advanced work depends on the institution one is attending. Some institutions have coursework that can run into the low thousands and last up to a year or so. Exploring the various institutions that offer security guard classes is the best way to find a program that fits the student's budget and lifestyle. There is a plethora of very good online schools which afford the opportunity and access to these classes for everyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the field of security.

Security guard classes are but one of the crucial steps toward licensing as a security guard. This type of work is one of those fields of endeavor that will never see a shortage. Whether the security officer is determined to become licensed to carry a firearm or not, the demand for trained and dependable security assistance ensures that this career field will continue to have job security, and even experience a growth over the next ten years.