Good, dependable, experienced security guards are always in high demand, and as such can command better than average security guard salaries. Depending on the potential employee's experience, training, and references a security guard stands to make a salary that can range into five or six figures. It should be noted, however, that there is a wide disparity between salary ranges. This is due in large part to several factors including location, type of work, training, experience, and the employer.

The average security guard, with little experience, can expect to make around $23,460 a year. However, many security guards do not make salaries, but rather are paid by the hour. A website called offers real figures from security guards working in various installations around the U.S. From a quick glance at the information on that website it is evident to see that some job sites offer $17-$21 dollars an hour, while others only offer the pay rate of $9 dollars an hour. These figures are based on the typical 40 hour work week. These figures do not include bonuses or overtime.

Factors Affecting Security Guard Salaries

Salaries are often based on years of experience, as well. Base pay with additional increases commensurate with experience is normal. In general, security guards in the U.S. with only one year of experience can make from $12,000 to $30,000 a year. With each year the salary potential increases, with a huge jump seeming to occur around the 5 and 10 year marks.

Of course, certain industries offer more than others. Working for a security guard company, for example, seems to bring the higher rates. Additionally, those guards employed by high profile companies tend to make good salaries with increased benefits. Security guards that operate overseas and as military-type guards tend to make the most, but then this is to be expected since the level of potential danger is also increased.

Most forecasts and speculations based on current trends indicate that the demand for security guards will continue to increase as well as security guard salaries. Doing some research on the potential companies, speaking to employees from the company if possible, as well as comparing hourly rates to salaries will insure that the job seeker finds and is able to land a job with a salary that reflects the employee's true worth.