Many types of security guard courses exist to assist the potential candidate in reaching certification. For those who have already attained their certification and licensing, additional continuing education can aid those who are looking to advance their careers further, or to pursue higher wages. Courses can be taken singly or all at once, depending on the student's situation. Most colleges or online courses can be finished in a very short time.

Security Courses

Security guard training courses are designed to offer potential security guards the type of certification and skills that they will need to fulfill their obligation to their clients. Most courses of study include information on weaponry, powers to arrest, CPR/first aid, armed licensing, and, in many states, Weapons of Mass Destruction training. Those who choose to take the courses at a training facility will practice with weapons and confrontational scenarios, while those who choose to take courses online will often receive their training and certification more quickly.

Most potential security guards take more than one course at a time, enabling them to move through the process faster. For those who are pursuing security guard licensing as a second job or as a way to make supplemental income, taking the full range of security guard courses may not be advised. However, for those who are looking to make the security field their main occupation, taking numerous courses at a time (and as their budget allows) make the potential security guards more employable.

Security Officer Course of Study

Generally speaking, most states require the student to take a pre-assignment training course. It can last from a few hours to as much as 6-8 hours. After the course exam, and with a passing grade, the first of many training certificates is offered. This, along with the appropriate state registration, enables someone to work as a basic security guard. Additional training is still required, however, for up to the first 60-90 days after receiving the training certificate. This additional training usually takes the form of on the job training, or in-field laboratories.

In those states that require continuing education, the security guard must take refresher courses in order to renew their license each year. This insures that the security guard is up to date on the latest techniques and procedures for their area. For specific regulations for a state, the student can visit the state's government website and use the keyword: security guard.

Security Guard Course Completion

Security guard courses existing today do not take more than a week to complete, initially. Applicants state that the written pre-test is the most rigorous as it tests the applicant's prior knowledge about security procedures and operational knowledge. Schools that offer this type of testing generally offer study guides or a small textbook that will assist the student in preparing for the test.

For those considering a career in security, security guard courses are available and highly accessible to the average person. The courses are logical, based on years of research and current theory, and easily understood by most students. For more information, the potential student can compare online courses to technical colleges' curricula and see which fits their lifestyle. In the end, becoming a security guard can be one of the most rewarding career paths.