Security guard companies come in a wide variety of services. Some companies offer only specialized services and capabilities, while others are broader in their approach to security. It behooves those considering a full time career in the security field to research the various security guard companies, the types of companies, and how they differ from private firms.

Types of Security Companies

Security companies often offer a free analysis for their clients. They tend to service only larger businesses and installations. As such, the security officers must be capable of handling many platforms and levels of security. Assessing the needs of the client, the security company will develop a package and security plan that will best suit the client's needs. If the client is already having security issues, then the plan will incorporate this into the security strategy. As a potential security guard, understanding how a security firm, or a large security company, works will be invaluable in making a decision about job placement after licensing.

Most security companies utilize cutting edge technology or have developed their own in-house technology for use within their own industry. The security guard that works for such a company needs to be proficient on most basic platforms, such as Word, Excel, and other monitor-based programs. On the job training is to be expected, however. Familiarity with computers and technology, especially closed-circuit televisions, will work to the potential employee's benefit.

Private security firms are often military based groups that license large groups of security personnel to high profile installations, groups, or industries. They have received much attention over the last few years as these types of firms are often hired to go into hot zones around the globe as part of a peace keeping force sanctioned by U.S. companies wishing to safeguard their business interests in areas of unrest. Security guards working in such a climate need to be aware that travel is often required and the element of personal harm and danger is greater.

Security Firm Services

Security guard services often include the safety and well being of a person, property, and to act as a First Responder in an emergency situation. Likewise they are there to enforce rules dictated by the employer, the local and state governments, as well as deter any suspicious or criminal activity that occurs. Guards may be asked to be in uniform, while other employers prefer plain clothes and low profile. Companies supply clients with guards that are already trained, have had background checks, and are paid by the company. Clients for large security companies never pay the guard directly.

Security Firm Salaries

One of the key factors that a potential security guard needs to keep in mind when searching for a firm to work with is the salary. Most offer hourly wages, but some of the larger firms offer salaries with benefits. At first, it would seem that salary with benefits would be the best of all possible choices, until it is understood that the more a company seems to undercut their competition, the less they are paying their guards. Due diligence on the part of the potential employee will quickly reveal how the company treats its guards.

Deciding to Work for a Security Guard Company

There is much to consider when deciding whether to sign on as an individual security guard, serving as a personal body guard for an individual, or working for a larger security company. As an individual the security guard will work more closely with the actual person that is being protected. Likewise, the payment comes directly to the individual, whereas with a company the paycheck comes from a human resources department. There are benefits and disadvantages to both, of course. The individual considering going into security work needs to carefully analyze their own lifestyle, personality, as well as career goals.

Security guard companies provide a very real service to a great many people and companies throughout the world. With businesses expanding into global operations, security companies often offer protection where little is available. For those considering a career in security work, the benefits and ability for career advancement make security companies a good employment choice.