Though it is often considered a glamorous job, the fact of the matter is that security guards and security professionals often place themselves in danger, which makes becoming a security guard a serious decision. The other side of the coin is that often the job can have its down times, even boring times. For those willing to put in the time and the dedication, however, the regular hours, the quick turnaround time on training, and the benefits are worth it.

Education Required to Be a Security Guard

Most of the time, guards with weapons make more than those without. However, sometimes the potential security guard needs to ask themselves if it is worth it. This is due to the fact that in some companies they will pay additional money for people to work inside of an armored vehicle. Additionally, it is important to know how to read and write on a minimal basis. Often guards are called upon to file incident reports. When filling out reports it is very important to give a very detailed report and spell as well as speak correctly. Many people file unreadable reports causing other officers to misinterpret the chain of events, and therefore fail to get a clear assessment of the event. Many officers in court have also been reprimanded for unsuitable spelling and misusage of words. Also, one of the most important skills for this job is patience. Many people willing to do this job must have patience for the slow days that come. Most day to day events will not be daring car chases and drug busts. Many states will also require that security guards have a high school diploma or something equivalent to it.

Steps to Becoming a Security Guard

If the potential applicant is willing for a job as a security guard they should look into whether they need to have a license or not. Some states will require potential security guards to obtain one and some may not. To find out one could call security companies or a local job service. Candidates would additionally need to have no criminal history since they do background checks when applications are filed. Also, training courses vary from state to state. What may be required in one state may not be required in another state.

In general, the applicant will need to be drug free, have a high school diploma, be able to read and write legibly and pass a pre-application exam (for most states requiring licensing). The basic license takes only a few days to obtain. Those who want to be an armed guard will be required to take additional courses. To become a security guard you will need to enroll in the security guard training course, either online, or through a community college. Either affords the type of training necessary to become a security guard.

Becoming a security guard, working in the field of security, the hours are regular and often guards meet many intriguing people. However, there is no way to completely describe a typical work day. People are unpredictable for the most part, that is a fact. One day may be a car chase and the next day may be nothing at all. This makes this job perfect for those who like routine with a bit of variety thrown in. As can be seen, becoming a security guard is one of the more critical jobs in the current market. One needs to be dedicated, have a sense of duty, and have determination. It takes a special kind of person to do this job, but without it the world would be undoubtedly worse off.