Though the employment rates for many states have fallen over the past years, there are many occupations, such as that of the security guard, that are in high demand, making security guard training a significant resource for those interested in pursuing job security. There are critical shortages in many job sectors around the country. Teachers, public servants, and security guards have all enjoyed an increase over the last five years. Projections indicate that this will hold true for many more years to come.

Who Makes a Good Security Guard?

Most believe that one must have certain physical characteristics in order to become a security officer. Nothing could be further from the truth. A willingness to stick to a job, and a sense of justice and duty are the criteria most sought after. Online security training makes becoming a security officer accessible to anyone who is of sound body and mind. While there are a few states in the U.S. that do not require any training to be a security guard, most employers desire a form of training for anyone they will potentially employ. Part of this process includes a criminal background check, and if weapons are to be issued, then additional permits and training will be required.

Security Guard Training Requirements

According to the SPFPA (International Union, Security, Police, Fire Professionals of America), there is a listing of states that do not require licensing. However, most employers will want their potential employees to have had some background in security work or security training. This is where security officer training online can be of value.

A background check will be performed in order to ascertain whether or not the potential candidate has a background conducive to the work environment. This consists of a fingerprinting session, as well as a social security number clearance. A potential applicant must be a legal resident of the U.S.

Some training requires that the candidate take a short personality test. This judges the mental stability and temperament of the potential security guard. One can understand this, especially, if the trainee wants to become an armed security guard. While many countries do not allow their security guards to be armed, or to even carry hand cuffs, this is not the case in the United States.

Additionally, it is recommended that the potential security guard trainee take a basic first aid and CPR course. One may be called upon to provide medical assistance until medical relief arrives. Many employers specifically ask about this training on their applications.

Other security officer training requirements include personal protection courses. This training instructs the candidate on methods to not only protect and serve those around him, but to also protect himself in case of a personal attack. Depending on the training course, this may include martial arts training, hand-to-hand directives, as well as firearms training, and biological weapons instruction.

Security Guard Training for Different Positions

One of the questions that the potential security guard must answer is what type of security officer they would like to become. Security officers can become private security officers, armed security officers, or corporate security officers. Each requires a different set of security guard training.

Private security guard training can include all of the aforementioned skills as well as a few that are particular to the residence or business that is being protected. Many security guards in this situation are also required to possess a chauffeur's license as they may be required to drive their client, and the client's family, to and from various locales. Often security guards act as couriers as well, providing protection for sensitive materials. First aid and CPR training are requirements for most private individuals as well as small firms.

Armed security guard training requires that the candidate be proficient with a firearm. These courses ready the trainees to handle any situation in which they may find themselves, and provide the training necessary to preserve their own lives as well as the lives of those they are hired to protect. Additional training requirements may include investigative skills, medical courses, as well as some proficiency with computers and security systems.

Security guard training is one that does not take a great deal of time and can be obtained conveniently over the Internet. Online security guard training affords candidates the opportunity to obtain a majority of the training they will need without stepping foot into the classroom, or having to quit their daytime jobs. Many go into security guard jobs as a way to supplement an already existing job. Regardless of the applicant's motivations, security guard training can offer job security with a sense of purpose.